2011-Late Summer

Meditating through challenges

Life seldom offers up perfect serenity for meditation sessions. Pushing through the noise of life is important, though, and this article on HuffingtonPost.com.,More...

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Weight is just a number

Focusing on living a healthy life can sometimes lead to nearly obsessive behavior around our weight. Shape.com's article,  3 Truths About Weight You Need to Know provides some important perspective on why hyperfocus on that ever changing weight number can be misleading and cause undue stress More...

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Foot reflexology - the ah's and the medical benefits

Foot massage imparts significant relaxation, as anyone who's ever received one will attest. Foot reflexology, the discipline specifically designed to stimulate points found on the feet, goes one step further to relieve a host of issues. Healing Lifestyles & Spas.com's article, More...

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Shed Self Consciousness and Live a Bigger Life

Fear of looking foolish or too gregarious or too bossy or too something...can make us NOT live our lives fully. Some simple practices can help! Oprah.com, one of our favs for inspiration, wrote this: Martha Beck's Cure for Self Consciousness More...

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Craving a salad for dinner? Try this one with edamame and more deliciousness!

Summer and cool, nutritious salads go hand in hand. This one, with edamame, tomatoes, faro and more,  from Healing Lifestyles & Spas.com is tangy and sure to please.

A general rule for making a vinaigrette is a 3:1 ratio of olive oil to vinegar. I like mine on the tangy side and thus use more vinegar.

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