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Spa Universaire

Spa Universaire

891 14th Street

Unit 2812

Denver, CO 80204

(720) 220-6790

(720) 220-6790

Discover the art of the spa experience at Spa Universaire. This beautiful Spa is conveniently located in the heart of the Golden Triangle Museum District. A total of nine treatment rooms are individually designed to honor cultures from around the world.

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It's Always a Good Time for Spa

Spa time is always appropriate. This summer, take a break and come in for one of our signature spa treatments, such as our Seaweed Body Masque or Tao Integrative massage. It's always a good time for spa. Purchase your Instant Gift Certificate and book an appointment today.

Seaweed Body Masque – Belvedere Location

De-congests and purifies oily, stressed or troubled skin with natural astringents and calming herbs. This deep cleansing treatment normalizes the skin to a balanced condition (includes Turkish Steam Therapy).

70 minutes

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The Tao Integrative

Integrative massage is famous for bringing together techniques of modalities from around the world including Swedish, acupressure, deep tissue, reflexology and aromatherapy to create a customized session. It’s basis of holistic wellness keeps focus on the body as physical, emotional and spiritual to heal as a whole instead of only specific needs. You enter a state of deep relaxation, while areas of injury or tension are soothed, leaving your soul feeling rested and rejuvenated.

70 minutes

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very easy to do! And Jeannine LOVES coming to your spa. (Jean R., 1,334 days ago)
Fast and Easy online service. Spa Universaire is the best! (Tierney D., 1,539 days ago)
Love the spa, many visits and always a stellar experience. (Tatiana F., 1,681 days ago)
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891 14th Street, Unit 2812, Denver


650 15th Street, Denver