What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now. ~ Buddha

We live in a vulnerable world. Our vulnerability has never been more apparent than through the wide range of natural and man-made disasters, economic unrest, and psychological upheaval we have witnessed over the course of this year. Given the enormity of these events it is no surprise that the idea of reconnecting and building community through every aspect in our lives has taken precedence in our hearts and minds.

The idea of environmental giving relies on our ability to engage the aggregate of our surroundings, and be aware of how each interaction influences the next. This awareness creates an inherent responsibility to each other, the earth and our communities while providing the opportunity to be wholehearted in every interaction.

Giving wholeheartedly when we are engaged with our environment results in deeper connections, compassion and authenticity. If we responded to the vulnerability of our environment wholeheartedly, the result would be a connection to the earth in a way that was personal and resonated in a more balanced individual way. The ability to identify the fragile nature in each of our relationships with each other, with the earth, and ourselves seems imperative to preserve and help repair the environments that surround us.

As our environment changes, so too must our understanding of the vulnerabilities that are intrinsic in our surroundings and the way in which we choose to interact and connect. Perhaps through the vigilant act of recognizing and embracing our vulnerability we can open our world to a more conscious connection of being.

Identifying vulnerability within our surroundings allows us to create a result of connection, compassion and authenticity.

Compassion is a direct result of realizing vulnerability and identifying with a situation, outcome or feeling evoked.

Authentic participation in relation to each other and the earth provides us with the ability to take responsibility and grow sustainably with the future.

Consciousness of heart. The idea that by recognizing vulnerability in ourselves we can reach beyond and give at a sustained level to each connection we make is a way to realize our individual potential and encourage a revolution of wholehearted giving for the wellness of our environment.

By embracing the vulnerability of each connection and acting with authenticity and compassion when utilizing the precious resources that allow us to balance and nurture our individual existence, we will inherently protect and preserve the beauty and wellness of our environment.

We each have the opportunity to repair the world around us through giving. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or animal shelter. Support local and global organizations that make a difference through your purchases by planting trees, providing shoes for children, or providing basic necessities such as clean drinking water and food to communities that cannot provide for themselves. The impression that we create with each connection enables us to bring the transitions of the year full circle utilizing a holistic approach to touch the earth, each other and our communities deeply.

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Anonymous says:
December 26, 2010 at 4:11 PM
Very good reminder - about the interconnected web of all living things. Thank you!
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