Exfoliate Your Way to A Beach Ready Body

Whether through body treatments at the spa or skincare products at home, regular exfoliation produces healthy, even-toned skin from head to toe. But most people consider exfoliating treatments a luxury, something to do on occasion.

Change that. As temperatures go up, clothing comes off and more skin is exposed. Your are probably more body-conscious than ever. This makes summer the perfect time to understand why exfoliation is a necessity, not accessory.

Face It

Facials usually include some form of exfoliating. Exfoliating with lactic or glycolic acids help treat hyperpigmentation and gives the face an even, polished look. Talk with your skincare specialist about how exfoliating can help repair skin damaged by sun.

Make note of what type of exfoliants are being used during facial treatments and let the skincare expert Instruct you on how to apply the exfoliant at home.

Understand the different types of exfoliants and when to use which. For example, a volcanic soil or almond scrub provides deep cleansing and should be used once or twice a week. Whereas a light, sand-like exfoliant polishes and can be used more often.

Address specific needs with exfoliation. If your skin suffers from rosacea, try an exfoliating serum to reduce redness in the cheek area. Applying serums at night and rinsing in the morning can enhance the tone of the skin without dryness which can result from heavier exfoliants.

Powered cleansing brushes, such as those made by Clarisonic or DDF, are among the many exfoliating tools that can help you maintain healthy, beautiful skin between spa visits. Be sure to keep your exfoliating tools, such as mitts and loofahs, clean and free from bacteria, which can cause breakouts.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion provide penetrating exfoliation with longer lasting results. However these medi-spa services also cause anxiety among for many. Education is the best way to ease your fears. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the procedures and equipment used during microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Feel free to inquire about the training,experience and certifications of the technician providing the service.

Unsure of the health of your skin. Get a consultation, or a skin scan. Skin scanners use black light and magnification to analyze skin beneath the surface. These scanners can highlight sun damage as well as where the skin needs hydration and exfoliation.

Body Basics

Whether you wear a bikini or sundress, you want to flaunt your body in the summer. Especially if you spent all Winter working out.

Sugar and salt scrub body treatments polish the skin by removing dead skin cells and product build up. This gives the body a silky smooth look from head to toe.

Many body treatments include massage. Having scrubs massaged around the thighs and buttocks increases circulation and can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, body treatments also help produces a sense of renewal and calm.


Exfoliated skin absorbs self-tanning products better, and helps the tan last longer. Self-tanning products and treatments are healthy for the skin as opposed to tanning beds that are harmful. Be sure to purchase travel size self-tanning products to touch up your tan while on the road.

Foot Fest

Summer means bare feet and cute sandals. Spa pedicures with scrubs leave feet looking sandal-ready soft. Use loofahs or a pumice to give your feet an instant pedicure between salon visits.

By making exfoliation an essential part of good skincare, you can maintain a beach ready body from head to toe.

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