What kind of gift says ‘I love you?’ There are the traditional options: jewelry, chocolates and lingerie - but let’s face it, they’re over done. If you’re older than 12 a mixed tape no longer cuts it and flowers last for about two days, so where does that leave you? Not to worry, we’ve got a list of fun and romantic gifts for that special someone in your life. (And they’re way better than a mixed tape).

A Day at the Spa. The options are endless with this idea, but the most romantic option is a couple’s massage. Set up a time for the two of you to go in and be pampered together. A couple’s massage is a great way to unwind and wipe away stress. If this doesn’t seem up your alley, you can always get a gift certificate for that special someone which allows them to select the services they want. Either way, a day of pampering can’t be topped.

Bundle of Spa Products. If you’re looking for something romantic but want to stay within a budget, an assortment of spa products is a good idea. Bath salts, massage oils and aromatherapy candles are a great start. Add a loofah and lotion and you’ve got a killer gift. Don’t think this gift is just for a woman; this can easily create several romantic nights for two at home.

Basket of Memories. Show that special someone how much you value the time you’ve spent together by putting together a basket full of things that remind you of the great times in your relationship. Grab a bottle of wine from the vineyard you toured together, a coaster from the first bar you went to as a couple, some pastries that remind you of a recent trip. You get the idea. It takes a little running around, but you’ll get extra points for creativity.

Homemade Dinner and a Movie. This idea might sound generic, but sometimes just spending time together is the perfect gift. Between work schedules, the kids' sporting events, poker night and book club, how often do you see your loved one? Get a babysitter, light a few candles, make a nice dinner and find a romantic comedy to watch together – it’s anything but generic.

Event day. Let your special someone pick an event you’ll both go to. For the ladies, that could mean taking your man to the opera. For men, it could be an opportunity to get your gal on the 50 yard line to watch your favorite team. No complaining. Remember, this is all about spending time together and introducing yourself to things your loved one likes.

The key to romantic gift giving is thinking outside the box. Show that special someone you love them by investing time into his or her gift, not money. A well thought out gift trumps flashy toys any day. Don’t be shy, get creative and have fun – that’s the secret to showing people you love them.

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