Spa Showers - For the Bridal Party and Groom's Party Too!

If you've been tasked with hosting a bridal shower, why not think outside the box and host a get together for the bridal party at a spa or salon? An afternoon at a day spa is an ideal way to allow the bridal party to enjoy some much needed downtime together before the big day More...

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Nurturing Your Spirit as You Plan Your Wedding

Your big day is right around the corner.

All the critical choices have been made. The venue is perfect, the dresses divine. Everything to be rented has been set. Deposits have been deposited and plans are going smoothly More...

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Gifts of Love

What kind of gift says ‘I love you?’ There are the traditional options: jewelry, chocolates and lingerie - but let’s face it, they’re over done. If you’re older than 12 a mixed tape no longer cuts it and flowers last for about two days, so where does that leave you? Not to worry, we’ve got a list of fun and romantic gifts for that special someone in your life More...
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Self Love

Valentine´s Day serves as a reminder of our affection for others, a day when we focus on lavishing them with gifts and words of love.

Many people forget that the ability to truly love others is rooted in one´s ability to love him or herself. Worse yet, most people do not take time to reflect on what makes them lovable, or how they deserve their own love and attention More...

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Chase Away Winter Blues at the Spa

Keep the Winter Blues at bay with transforming spa treatments designed to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. No matter what time of year, when you enter a spa, your mood can transition from bummed out to absolutely optimistic. So if winter blues have you down, visit a spa to pick yourself up More...
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