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Celebrations, birthdays and holidays should be a joyous time of giving and receiving gifts. However, between the added stress of shopping for gifts, planning get-togethers and keeping up with daily living, these events can quickly turn to into a headache. Hitting your local spa allows you to personally enjoy some of the destressers available, and while you're there (or even online, at your leisure, browsing) you can purchase gift certificates that will allow you to cross a name or two off your gift giving list.

If youíve been thinking about buying your boss a big box of chocolates or a new watch, consider instead the gift of a relaxing experience. Not only will your boss appreciate the latest massage or a manicure, but the experience will become a treasured memory. There is a spa service for nearly everyone on your gift giving list, from the baby sitter to the person who already has everything. Here are a few items to consider that almost anyone would appreciate:

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, the number of people purchasing massages for themselves was down in 2011 by about 12% from the year before. Since this is an item that some seem to be cutting from the budget, the gift of a massage may be even more unexpected and appreciated than before. There are many different types of massages available. When seeking a gift certificate as a present, try to find a spa that allows the certificate to be used for any of the massages available at that spa. Just be sure that you purchase a big enough amount to cover any specialty treatments the gift recipient might want to try, such as a hot stone massage or a reflexology massage.

The majority of spas offer manicure and pedicure services. These can make a great gift for both men and women, or break up the monotony of your shopping expedition, so you can finish your gift giving in style. If you plan to give a mani/pedi gift to a man, youíll want just the basics. However, if you plan to gift a woman with the same present, you may want to add some additional funds for a set of acrylic nails or other special polishes and treatments.

If someone on your list has an upcoming prom or wedding, treat them to a new hairstyle. This is one area where you may want to think through your gift. If the person already has a regular stylist, then she may appreciate a massage or a facial more than a certificate for a hairstyle.

There are as many different types of facials as there are skin types. A facial can be a relaxing, yet invigorating, treatment. A facial will be most appreciated by those who enjoy trying new beauty products and like to pamper their skin. Facial gifts are probably best for those you know very well, so you can reserve the treatment that works best for a personís particular skin type and problem areas. If you do not have this information, inquire about a certificate that will allow them to choose their own type of facial.

All-In-One Gift
Some spas offer a full day of pampering for a set price and this can make an excellent present for the person who never quite takes enough time for relaxation. A day at the spa gift can include everything from a massage to a facial to a mani/pedi. Most spas offer a number of different packages, so you can choose the one that matches your budget.

Instead of buying yet another knick knack or figurine that will collect dust and add to the clutter, consider spa services to meet your gift giving needs. The recipient will remember her day of relaxation long after the gift has been used and will definitely look forward to your next gift.

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