There are moments in life that leave a lasting impact on who we are. Some of these milestone moments involve an event, like getting married or having children. These precious moments are easy to recognize, but others aren't as easy to spot. A conversation with a grandparent or a memorable family trip could also shape your life in ways you might not understand at the time. The key to life is learning to pick up on these moments and embrace them as they arrive.

On a daily basis, you're probably juggling a dozen tasks. It's not surprising that you don't recognize precious moments when you're submerged in a hectic schedule, but there are ways to sift through the day's events and embrace the moments that have the power to bring us pure joy.

Keep a journal
A journal is a great way to reflect on your day. It forces you to stop and think about the events that flew by. By taking a minute to write things down, you're more likely to spot those moments that deserve a little extra thought. If you don't want to rehash your day, you can always keep a "grateful journal." Each day, write down one or two things you're grateful for. Try to relate the things you're grateful for back to the events of your day.

Celebrate the small things
If your child gets an A on a paper or your husband finally gets around to that landscaping project, take the time to celebrate it. So often, we get bogged down with daily tasks and forget to take a breather. We tend to save celebrations for big events, but that doesn't have to be the case. By celebrating the small events in life, you're reminding you and your family that life isn't all about big moments, it's made up of a lot of little victories each day.

Capture life in photos and video
Just about every cell phone has a camera on it, so there is no excuse not to capture the things that are going on around you. Whether you have kids or not, it's important to have snapshots in time. Train yourself to pull out the camera once or twice a week and take a picture of the ones you love. Capture your mom gardening or your friends at the pool. The act of capturing life's moments is another great way to reflect on the things that make life great.

By recognizing these subtle yet precious moments in your life, you'll likely feel more enriched. In time, you'll find more meaning in life's simple pleasures and pay more attention to the things that matter most.

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Geraldine P. says:
August 12, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Loved the whole article! I loved the idea of the journal
Pat W. says:
August 23, 2013 at 4:32 PM
I feel like these ideas are great for helping one's self get through the harder times in life we all experience as well
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