The Season for Cocooning

Let’s face it, winter weather can be tough on us. The moment we switch on the heat in our homes everything begins to dry out, like fruit in one of those dehydrating contraptions we see on late night television.

You can head off the winter skin woes by changing your routine up just a tad More...

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Decrease Holiday Stress With a Day at the Spa

Plan ahead for stress this holiday season by making your spa reservations ahead of time. You can beat the stress in a number of ways. You can go all out and go on a spa retreat; you can spend the day or spend an hour. There is a solution for almost any budget.

A spa retreat can include daily exercise, healthy food and treatments More...

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Mission: Gifts of Relaxation and Beauty

There are numerous benefits to giving beauty, massage and spa gifts for people living full and hectic lives. With the busy lives of everyone today that means balancing work, caring for children and managing household duties, it is more important to alleviate the daily tensions as much as possible More...
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Relax Your Way Through the Holidays

You look forward to the holidays all year, but now that they’re here, you’re frantic. There are gifts to purchase, parties to attend, meals to prepare, flight reservations, and oh, yes, work. The period between Halloween and New Year’s Day is a crazy blur that can leave you a frazzled mess.

This is no way to spend the holiday season More...

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Anonymous says:
January 23, 2013 at 11:32 PM
This sounds like a wonderful to handle it 'all'. Thanks so much for all the awesome tips that were not impossible to squeeze in!
Anonymous says:
January 23, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Thank you for all the great tips that we can all use to get us through this time of the year. Not only a little depressing but certainly very drying. You have let us know how to take care of ourselves from head to toe:) Sandy Kutza

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Medispas vs Day Spas - Wherein lies the difference?

As medical spas – or medispas, as they are often called – increasingly adopt the look and feel of day spas, prospective clients may not always understand the difference between the two. Both medispas and day spas offer legitimate services, some of which overlap, and each claims a solid, loyal customer base More...

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Suzann L. says:
February 17, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Excellent information!

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