This is a fantastic year for weddings; the trends are fit for royalty but can be relaxed and simplified to fit any style of wedding. There are tiaras and beautiful hairpieces that beg for a personalized touch for you and the entire wedding party. Take a look at the top wedding hair trends for inspiration that will effortlessly set your hair into the realm of perfection on your very special day.

Relaxed Hair with a Jeweled Tiara

This is ideal for brides with long hair, worn swept back and set elegantly with a jeweled tiara. A tiara elevates a wedding dress and creates a more formal look for the bride. If you plan to wear a tiara, have your stylist add texture and body to the hair. In addition, they can backcomb the top section of the hair for more height in front. The upper-section of hair can be secured with pins and the tiara while the remaining hair falls down the back.

Bridal Hair Bling

Take a righteous mane of hair and accessorize it with sparkle for a glamorous wedding look that is singular and special. There are so many choices including crystal pins and combs, dazzling hair clips, gleaming bobby pins, thin metallic hair bands or sparkling hair sticks. Hair bling works for long and short hair, it is a great way to add something special to a pixie haircut or a French twist.

Fresh Flowers

Small details like fresh local flowers accessorize your wedding day hair to create a personal stamp that is yours alone. Fresh flowers are personal and add a touch of romance to your wedding style. Check with your florist to identify the seasonal flowers that are local to your area. Keep the look simple; you never want the flower or hairpiece to overwhelm your overall wedding style.


Fascinators were very popular at the royal wedding but are also ideal as a modern twist to a vintage-inspired look for any bride's wedding. The vintage birdcage veil headpiece is popular this year and can be found on bridal websites like for a one-of-a-kind veil. Some brides like to change into a simple headpiece for their reception because itís manageable and adds something new to a reception gown look.

Hair knots

A double hair knot merges vintage with modern for a beautiful hairstyle that would be ideal for a Grecian inspired wedding gown. It is a bun-chignon hybrid that combines volume and a slightly messy feel to create modern drama for a bride. Itís a romantic look for a wedding; the first knot resides at the nape of the neck while the second knot provides volume leaving the ends messy and lovely. It would also be perfect for a spring or summer beach wedding. A stylist could add thin gold headbands to create a goddess-like up do.

Modern Pin-Up girl

This hairstyle is timeless. It is inspired by the past with the classic long hair, reminiscent of silver-screen legends, cascading down the back or up in a French twist to channel Audrey Hepburn. The iconic 1940ís wave and sleek side part create a sophisticated look that is glamorous and sexy.

The beehive inspires wedding hair stylists and we get to watch its transformation into something continually fresh, like the ponytail Reece Witherspoon recently wore at an awards show. It would be gorgeous with a tea length gown but could also be interpreted for a formal look or a classic and traditional wedding.

Pony Tail

A high and modern or clean and dressed up ponytail creates a seamless look that is easy to manage on your special day. These days you will see the ponytail set at the crown for a cleaner application that is perfect for a wedding.

Forest Fairy hair

If you are envisioning a magical, ethereal while simultaneously unworldly look for your wedding, forest fairy hair might be for you. As a warning, this hairstyle is not for the faint of heart and certainly not designed for more humid climates. To get this look your hair must be texturized, curled, teased and set into place. There is no telling how long it would stay but it is beautiful as an unconventional wedding hairstyle for an out of this world wedding.

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Anonymous says:
June 6, 2011 at 7:58 AM
We need pictures of each of these!!
Anonymous says:
June 21, 2011 at 6:56 PM
Yes, pictures. Need to visualize what you're talking about.
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