The air is just a little crisper, the light is filtered and the leaves are beginning to carry the sounds of change. As we move to find balance this season, capturing the essence of fall allows us to create a space of renewal in body, mind and spirit.

Fall is the beginning of condensing. I love watching the progression of a tree as its leaves go from green to yellow to brown/red and then drop to the ground, signaling the arrival of winter. Nature reflects what is happening within us, and reminds me that Autumn is a time of celebrating the passing season, gathering knowledge for deeper reflection and letting go of the old to prepare for new growth.

Celebrate & Embrace
Fall provides us an opportunity to celebrate change and transition. The prosperity of the summer season, the bounty of the harvest, accomplishment of the goals and participation in ceaseless activities. A time to embrace the slowing and moving inward to find a resting place to stay warm and accumulate energy and reserves to draw from in the low energy months ahead. Celebrate the change of seasons by allowing yourself time to embrace each moment. The slowing of the season lends itself to the careful observation and experience of change. Take an afternoon walk and notice the change in light, temperature, smell and sounds. Embrace the subtle difference that occurs from one day to the next.

Gather & Reflect
The peace that descends with Autumn provides a quiet space that allows me to assess the balance in my life. This season is the perfect time to transition our energy and movement to one of balance and quiet the perpetual motion of everyday. An inward journey or deeper reflections allow us to look at the elements in our life that need to shift to bring harmony and create space for balance. The quieting allows us to reflect on the past season, gathering the knowledge & harvest of the year to adjust and soothe the body, mind and spirit. Reviewing fears, obstacles, goals and strengths allow us to create a stronger essence in our being and prepare for a new cycle of growth.

Renew & Cleanse
Fall is about letting go... letting go of the warm summer months, letting go of attachment to activity and light. Letting go with every breath, creates space for growth and balance to come to us. The slowing of energy allows us the ability to create this space. Changes in our wellness routines can assist in facilitating the slowing of the energy in our everyday lives and shift our focus to inward nurturing. A change in body treatments between summer and fall allow the body to gradually shift at a metabolic level to balance with the condensing in nature. Hot stone massage treatments and traditional herbal body wraps are two of my favorite fall treatments. Each of the treatments provide a warming and gradual movement to inward self reflection and a nurturing that we often neglect during the frenetic energy of the summer. The treatments allow a gentle way for the body to cleanse and focus energy on the metabolic changes needed to sustain optimum wellness during the winter months.

Each of these elements provide transition to a slowing of movement, and energy allowing the perfect opportunity to re-balance our body, mind and spirit. As the season changes, take a moment to determine what allows you to capture the subtlety of fall essence and embrace that nuance to enhance your own.

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