Frequently Asked Questions




What is Joy of Spa?

Joy of Spa is a network of 3,000 local, independent spas, salons and massage therapists around the U.S. Joy of Spa offers Instant Gift Certificates available in any amount that can be designed, previewed, and printed or emailed instantly or in the future.

How long has Joy of Spa been around?

Joy of Spa was founded in 2007 by women who love spas as a way to celebrate the spa experience. Featuring the best local and independent spas, salons and massage therapists around the country, Joy of Spa is a market leader in Instant Gift Certificates with more than $300M in sales.

What is a Joy of Spa Concierge?

Our Concierge Service is designed to help you choose the right spa, salon or massage therapists based on your needs and location. Please call (800) 985-2680 and one of our spa experts will be happy to assist you.




How can I get my spa included?

It’s simple to become a member of Joy of Spa. Please call 800-985-2680 to speak with a member of our team.

Can I accept a Joy of Spa Instant Gift Certificate if my business isn’t a current member?

Yes, you can accept a Joy of Spa Instant Gift Certificate at no cost for your first redemption. Please call 800-985-2680 to speak with a member of our team.

Why Instant Gift Certificates from SpaBoom?

SpaBoom is the market leader in Instant Gift Certificates swith over $300M in sales. Instant Gift Certificates from SpaBoom are available for sale either through your spa’s website or through the Joy of Spa. The cost is the same: 5% commission and 2.9%+$.30 credit card processing through Stripe.

What are the benefits of SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificates?

  • Mobile optimized – consumers can purchase them directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Can sell on your website or Facebook Business page
  • Can create special offers including BOGOs
  • Can create Referral Codes
  • Can add gratuities
  • 100+ designs, plus create your own custom designs
  • Automatic email marketing to drive more IGC sales. You can include your email list, or send just to IGC purchasers
  • We do all the work for you – we put the page together (make it match your existing website), provide you with the link, and we can even help you put it on your site if you need help and provide us with your login information

What is the cost to join Joy of Spa?

There is no cost to join the Joy of Spa network. First Joy of Spa redemption is free. Subsequent redemptions are 9% for Instant Gift Certificate/boomtime bundle orgs and 15% for everyone else.

What is the cost to add Instant Gift Certificates to my website?

Instant Gift Certificates normally have a $99 setup. 5% commission plus 2.9%+$.30 credit card processing from Stripe. There is no contract, you can cancel at any time.

What is the referral code to join Joy of Spa?

Sign up for Joy of Spa and/or Instant Gift Certificates, with referral code included:

Why Stripe?

Stripe is a credit card processing system available at no charge to setup your account. It also doesn’t have monthly fees. SpaBoom/boomtime/Joy of Spa have no affiliation with Stripe. Rather, we find their product to be easy to use and one of the most cost effective options for credit card processing.

When selling your own Instant Gift Certificates, Stripe charges 2.9% for credit card processing. Sometimes, a small business owner will say that they only pay 1.5% or 2% for credit card processing, and 2.9% is way too high. The difference is that this is for only credit card processing, which costs more, and it’s a flat 2.9%, covering Discover, American Express, expensive reward cards, etc. It’s the best rate available for online credit card processing.

There is no fee from Stripe for receiving Joy of Spa redemption.

How can I use Stripe on my website?

This is a very simple process, and our support team will walk you through it. Please contact or call 800-940-0458.

How does it affect my front desk staff?

It saves time! Your front desk will no longer be stuck taking time-consuming phone orders or filling out and mailing gift cards by hand.

Who buys Instant Gift Certificates?

Everyone! Often 50% of Instant Gift Certificate sales are in the last 48 hours before the gift-giving occasion. By offering Instant Gift Certificates, you’re tapping into a big opportunity that you wouldn’t ever realize without them!

How are credit cards processed?

Credit card processing is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction using our integration with Stripe, the industry leader in online payments. No change to your merchant account is required. The SpaBoom commission and credit card processing fee are deducted from the transaction, and the balance is deposited directly into your bank account. There are no additional monthly fees and no validation fees for credit card processing. Or, alternatively, you can use or PayPal Website Payments Pro.

How do my clients get their gift certificates?

Your client prints or emails their Instant Gift Certificate themselves, right away! No more filling out or mailing gift certificates by hand!

Can I run specials?

You can easily highlight services (with special pricing), discount by percentage and BOGOs (buy one, get one free), for just the time period you want. For example, you could offer a free $20 GC with each $100 GC purchased for Mother’s Day, or a 10% discount on all GCs for a one-week anniversary celebration.

What about gratuities?

You choose whether gratuities are an option for services gift certificates, and you can even suggest a starting point, say 15% or 18%.