Keeping your heart healthy starts with a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit. This Valentine's Day focus on your personal heart health with these simple tips that you can incorporate into your life starting right now.


Ease your body awake in the morning. Start your day off right with a short but gradual process of awakening. Your route to being fully awakened will have a tremendous impact on the sort of day you will ultimately experience.

Once you are aware that you are awake in the morning, give thanks and appreciation for the new day. Then take 5 minutes to meditate. Sit at the edge of your bed, eyes closed and listen to your breath, in and out, for 5 minutes. Anytime you feel your thoughts drifting away, pull it back to your breathing. Just 5 minutes of meditation each morning will positively impact your ability think clearly, increase your willpower and will put the mind in a clear frame to start the day.

Take time to exercise every day. If youíve never been able to maintain an exercise program, start with a daily walk around your neighborhood. A brisk walk is great for the heart and will increase your mental capacity and refresh your spirit. Itís also a great way to get to know your neighbors and that can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. If you are healthy and want a more energetic workout, join your local gym or community center. Itís a place to sweat and find like-minded enthusiasts who share your desire for holistic heart health.

End your day with peaceful rituals. If you are stressed at bedtime you will get fewer hours of quality sleep. Before you go to bed do what you can to resolve the stress you are experiencing. Whether itís work related or an unresolved emotional issue, make sure you settle down and create a solution before bedtime. Even if your solution is written on a piece of paper for the morning it will help you ease into sleep.

Use massage for heart health. Therapeutic massage has been practiced by ancient cultures for thousands of years and can be an integral ingredient to long-term heart health. Massage has been shown to enhance circulation, reduce stress and can reduce inflammation by keeping blood flowing to vital muscles. Its important to reframe massage and see it not as a luxury but as a vital practice that with consistency can increase long-term health and overall wellbeing.


Reset your happiness mindset each day. It turns out that the internal chatter we work to shut off and tune into throughout the day is really important. Itís significant to the quality of each minute of our daily life. Take time and tune into that mind chatter, making sure it is gives your heart and soul nutrient-rich thoughts that uplift and energize. If your chatter is bringing you down, get mindful and become more conscious of your thoughts throughout the day. Deciding to be happy for awhile can turn your whole day around and into something magical.

Practice mindfulness during the day. What could be better for your heart than being truly alive in the moment? It really doesnít matter what you are doing if itís executed with mindfulness and in a way that enhances your life experience. Think about that today, as you walk the dog, do the laundry or play with your child outside. Being mindful, living in the moment elevates the everyday into a spiritual experience.

Laughterís a magic elixir for life. Laughter binds us together, creates instant intimacy and it feels great. Even better, when we laugh and enjoy others its impact grows and infects the lives of other people. Laughing can increase your immune system, dissolve stress, diminish anxiety and fear and pumps your body with heart-healthy endorphins. Seek out laughter, engage with others and make life more enjoyable with a good laugh.

Learn to say no. We all know and admire individuals who approach life with quiet confidence and can say no without a hint of guilt. They know their emotions set the stage for performance and being able to say no keeps anxiety and being overwhelmed at bay. The next time too much is asked of you, avoid the heart-straining freak out and exercise some powerful self-assurance residing deep inside to say no to that request.


Bring passion to what you do each day. Let's say you canít quit your job today and begin pursuing your lifeís greatest passion. For now, focus on taking 15-30 minutes each day and devote that time to the thing in life that gives you a spark and that makes you feel so alive that you canít break away from once youíre focused on it. The heart knows when you start exercising your passion and that positive energy flows to every corner of your being bringing a dose of happiness and joy. Today, start small with full concentration on a new and passionate beginning, you wonít believe where it takes you.

Surround yourself with great friends. Itís extremely important for health to surround yourself with people who love and accept you. When you build a supportive network of friends your circle gets bigger and stronger as a collective unit. A caring network of like-minded friends creates positive synergy and becomes a positive force that follows you throughout the day. Take time and effort to seek out friends with common interests and engage in meaningful relationships with the people you care about in life.

Open your spirit to nature. Experiencing nature on a daily basis has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Nature and its harmonious effects are closely tied to your heart's emotional wellbeing. Take time each day to get outside with nature. See and acknowledge the beauty around you on a daily basis, it will make you feel more alive and inspired throughout the day.

Your heart health can be enhanced in the ordinary moments of everyday mind, body and spirit.

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Lemuriel S. says:
February 1, 2012 at 6:26 AM
Good insight
Susan C. says:
February 1, 2012 at 6:55 AM
This is a wonderful article and I have forwarded it to a few women that I really care about. Thanks so much
Theresa A. says:
February 8, 2012 at 8:21 AM
amazing article that i now will take to the heart :)
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