When you’re shopping for a perfect gift, you want to find something that’s personal, fitting, and fun - a unique gift to be remembered.

There’s nothing more personal than a gift of a salon or spa treatment. Soothe away your mother-in-law’s worries with a reflexology treatment, or your friend’s study nerves with a massage. An uplifting facial helps any teen feel better about their skin; special-occasion highlights for events like balls and proms help out with the cost of looking good at the dance. Young mothers relax with aromatherapy treatment, and men often need a back or eyebrow wax – but are reluctant to buy the first one. When life feels out of control, manicures and pedicures give friends who are under stress extra pampering.

Giving a salon or spa treatment opens the door to helping your friends and family take better care of their bodies. By taking time to relax, they also nourish their minds. And when they make relaxing treatments a habit, it feeds their spirits.

To help someone develop a new habit of relaxation, buy several sessions of treatments in advance. Whether your loved one has knotted muscles, gardener’s hands, or needs tender facial care, it can take repeated, focused treatment to help the body be restored to health.

Headaches, backache, hair loss, and fatigue respond well to massage. One of the causes of headaches can be tight muscles. To loosen all of those muscles can take several sessions of consistent work, spaced close enough together so that muscles don’t seize up between sessions.

Backache may be caused by poor posture, repetition at a job, or muscle spasm, among other factors. Massage can help to loosen muscles habitually carried in a poor position and help the muscle to re-learn a healthier state.

During scalp massage the underlying tissue loosens, and blood flows to the follicles to provide nourishment and oxygen. A head massage also provides relaxation to reduce stress, a cause of hair loss.

A body loses its energy when a person is continuously revved up through stress or caffeine. Continuous stress leads to anxiety, fatigue, and burnout. Making time for a facial, a manicure or pedicure relieves stress. Everyone loves feeling beautifully renewed, and to display the colors of the season on their nails.

When you give a traditional packaged gift, the uplift a person feels after receiving it fades. If you package up your salon or spa gift, your friend opens a gift and looks forward to an appointment. On buying your gift certificates, throw in a bottle of lotion or pack of aromatherapy bath salts as a teaser of the relaxing time ahead.

As your friends and family receive a gift of spa or salon, they get the pleasure of opening your gift, enjoying the treatment, and basking in an afterglow of a good feeling. If it’s their first spa appointment, they are also introduced to a new way of taking care of their body. If you've gifted them with a new hairstyle or color treatment, they'll feel pampered and stylish as they participate in a style refresh that uplifts and polishes. Treatments like massage, reflexology, facials, manicures, and pedicures are indeed the ideal gifts to uplift the whole self - body, mind and spirit.

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November 4, 2013 at 2:14 PM
This was okay.
Anonymous says:
November 6, 2013 at 7:28 AM
I think this is the best give ever, to give or to receive.....Happy Holidays.
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