"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." ~ Buddha

We know this, it is inherent somewhere in our brain as a universal truth. It is imperative that we allow ourselves to understand this on a more cellular level and begin to replenish ourselves with the love, acceptance and gratitude that we easily give to others.

This holiday of love is generally focused on love for others; our significant others, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. There has only recently been a significant mention of self love around this amorous holiday. Gifts are a wonderful way to express emotion to one another, so why not to ourselves? When I began exploring this idea it occurred to me that a Valentine's gift to self is perfect, as Valentine gifts are presented as a treasure or token to show love, affection, gratitude and admiration.

As I thought about things that help maintain and establish balance in my everyday life, I wanted to find gifts that would deliver tokens of love and provide nurturing in the areas of life that are important for balance. Here are a few ideas for gifts of love to oneself that I have found to be delightful. Some gifts I found easy to give, and others I am still working up the courage and ability to give regularly.

Gifts of love for the mind provide creative inspiration and intellectual stimulation. Music, nature, and tactile expressions enable opportunities allowing gifts for the mind.

An outing to the art museum; listening to a podcast or lecture, reading a book on a topic that fascinates, learning a language or taking a ceramic class.

Gifts of love for the body encourage overall wellness. Physical exercise, nutritious food, and laughter all work to create physical well-being and could be gifts for the body.

Purchase a massage, facial or favorite body treatment once a month; create a yoga, meditation or fitness routine; facilitate an eat-in monthly dinner date with friends.

Gifts of the spirit allow our essence to shine. Experiences, tokens or energy that give the heart and soul a sense of calm and peace, might be a gift for the spirit.

Accepting compliments with gratitude and truly absorbing the intent; taking a moment to experience the quiet of a sunrise, or drops of rain hanging on a spider's web.

Think about ways in which you give gifts of love to yourself. As we increase our awareness, it will hopefully become a daily occurrence. As this season brings up the depth of who and how we love, use it to experiment with gifts that allow you to experience the euphoria of love internally, and then share That gift with others.

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