For some of us, Valentine's Day should be every day. We’re in love and we want the whole world to know it. But there are also those of us who probably wish we could permanently strike February 14th and all the shenanigans that go along with it off the calendar. Well that’s never going to happen, so as the old adage goes if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Valentine’s Day With Your BFF
If you are single and you’ve got a single BFF, then it’s totally en vogue to make her your valentine. Remember Sex and the City the movie, when Carrie and Miranda did Valentine’s dinner together? If a night out with your best pal will leave you both scoffing at the lovebirds who’ll have the PDA turned up full blast, then you can both plan a night in. Popcorn and a movie with your bestie is a guaranteed fun valentine’s night for single gals, and your genre of choice need not even have the word romantic in it.

Make your night even more fun by planning a mani and pedi party at home for two. Or, if it makes you feel better, have a good laugh as you both get animated and act out how newly loved up couples behave. Record your fun skit and post it on YouTube or FaceBook for a humorous, good-natured “Things Couples Do That Drive Single People Crazy” video. It can all be done in good fun and may be just the comic relief other single gals (and guys) need on the dreaded day. At the very least, you and your BFF may be on your way to becoming YouTube comedy gurus.

Being single doesn’t mean being giftless. Ensure you and your best gal pal feel all loved up on Cupid’s day by exchanging gifts with each other. Take advantage of some of the many Valentines offers and specials available at beauty counters and spas around the country. Whether it’s the newest “most perfect red” lipstick and nail polish set from your favorite brands or a best friends’ couples’ massage, you’re sure to find something that will make the absence of a beau a little easier stomach on the day of the Patron Saint of Love.

Valentine’s Day With Family
Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to remind family members of how special they are. Plan a family lunch or dinner for your parents and siblings and ensure the meal is festive by opting for heart-shaped or red and white desserts. Heart-shaped chocolates and strawberry cheesecake ice cream are just a few basic ideas, but get more creative by researching Valentine’s Day themed meals and desserts and then try out your culinary skills in the kitchen. The right recipes will ensure that you’re the one feeling the love that night, even if that love is only coming from mom and dad.

A bouquet of red, or red and white roses for mum always make for a great Valentine’s Day gift, and if you’d like to send mom and dad off for a special treat together, call up your local spa to see what special couples’ services they are offering for the day. Years of marriage certainly show dedication to the vows “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”, and these are the pillars on which true love is built. So, see Valentine’s Day as a day to honor your parents’ union, and years of commitment and dedication to each other, and to you.

Valentine’s Day With Your Beau
Now, let’s face it, St. Valentine did most of his work for young couples in love, and Valentine’s Day certainly seems to be all about them. So, if that’s you, then by all means, revel in it. From fun, quirky gifts and cards to romantic getaways, there is a wealth of ideas for you to choose from. But, roses and expensive weekends in resorts are so overdone. Use this Valentine’s Day to exercise your creative genius. Plan a valentine’s themed treasure hunt, and place all of your clues on hand-made heart-shaped cards. You can even place little heart-shaped red and white candy treats along the way that remind your loved one of the awesome treat that’s awaiting him at the end…you!

If dinner and a movie is your choice, forego the restaurant and the theatre for a moonlight dinner in your backyard or a candlelit dinner on your dinning room floor. Use red blankets and rosé wine to make it a true valentine’s treat, and strawberries and cream will make for the perfect dessert. Feed them to him, or have him feed them to you, while you enjoy the one night a year that your beau will have no choice but to do the thing you always want him to do…watch a romantic chick flick with you!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t get caught up with wanting everything to go according to planned. There is no greater mood killer than getting upset because he got the wrong flowers, or you couldn’t get that booking at your favorite restaurant. If you truly love the one you’re with, then EVERY day should be Valentine’s Day. You won't need February 14th to plan something special. So when it rolls around, make sure your Valentine’s Day is fun. Enjoy the things that go right, and have a laugh at the things that go wrong. After all, that’s what love is about, having that special someone who will share your laughs and fun times with. Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO

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