The Need for Manscaping

Back in the day, well groomed men trimmed their hair and shaved their beards, period. No real man would ever dream of having a manicure or waxing unwanted body hair. Well, that’s all changed. What began as a “metrosexual” trend of male fashion awareness has expanded into standard grooming ritual and an emphasis toward enhanced wellness.

One reason is necessity. Men have always competed for the best jobs, but in a tough economy, many men seek every possible advantage – including how they present themselves. Even beyond the boardroom, however, men are being judged more and more by their looks, just as women always have. Many men are discovering that the scruffy, unkempt look just won’t cut it anymore.

Younger men especially often have no problem engaging in grooming rituals formerly reserved for women without feeling less masculine. But male boomers have also discovered that spa treatments can often turn back the clock. As a result, they’re more likely to stop by a spa for an hour or two to take care of the basics, or spend even longer easing away the stresses of a demanding schedule.

Man Friendly Services

Spa owners and operators have responded to increased male patronage by adding an array of guy-friendly treatments and services. Facials, manicures and massages are beneficial for men as well as women. And you don’t have to worry about walking out smelling like a florist’s shop – there are masculine scents on hand like sandalwood, thyme and musk to use for massages and wellness treatments.

Rough, dry hands and ragged nails won’t cut it in the boardroom – or on a big date. A male manicure often features a hand massage and cuticle grooming along with neatly clipping and filing nails. You can have your nails coated with clear polish, or you can just opt to have your nails buffed to finish off the manicure.

Your grandfathers thought nothing of stopping by their local barber shop for a hot towel and a shave. Many spas can recreate the experience for you with a hot shave combined with a male exfoliation and facial. Not only will you emerge with trimmed whiskers, but your pores will be cleared of impurities that can trigger acne outbreaks or razor bumps.

Waxing isn’t just for women anymore. More guys are opting for removing back hair and chest hair. Braver guys even go a “mankini” wax treatment that carefully removes hair AROUND strategic areas to give them a smoother look in their Speedos.

Maybe a full body waxing job just isn’t for you. No worries. Waxing can also eliminate the unibrow look or clean up the nape of your neck. Or opt for laser or electrolysis treatments to zap away hair that you want gone for good.

If you’re a weekend warrior, a sports or Shiatsu massage can ease the pain of sore muscles. For everyday stress, try a Swedish massage. Or relax away your tension with a gentle back and neck rubdown with essential oils.

Men Welcome

You shouldn’t worry about feeling out of place in a spa. For many spas, up to half their business comes from male clientele. It’s entirely possible you may see some of your buddies or work colleagues going into or out of the shop at the same time you’re there.

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