Modalities to Support Spring's Awakening

The days are noticeably longer, the birds are returning from their annual migration south and many people are feeling a quickening of the blood characteristic of the onset of spring. However, even if you feel perkier on the inside, if you're like most people, winter left you with dry skin and hair along with a yearning for warm temperatures More...

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Gifting the Moms in Your Life

Beyond Breakfast in Bed

Flowers and breakfast in bed are a great way to show the mom in your life that you appreciate all that she does. But don’t stop there. The woman who nearly always put everyone’s needs before her own deserves to be pampered from head to toe. Gift certificates for spa and wellness services make perfect Mother’s Day gifts for Mom, Grandma or your favorite aunt More...

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Spa Showers - For the Bridal Party and Groom's Party Too!

If you've been tasked with hosting a bridal shower, why not think outside the box and host a get together for the bridal party at a spa or salon? An afternoon at a day spa is an ideal way to allow the bridal party to enjoy some much needed downtime together before the big day More...

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Medispas vs Day Spas - Wherein lies the difference?

As medical spas – or medispas, as they are often called – increasingly adopt the look and feel of day spas, prospective clients may not always understand the difference between the two. Both medispas and day spas offer legitimate services, some of which overlap, and each claims a solid, loyal customer base More...

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