The days are noticeably longer, the birds are returning from their annual migration south and many people are feeling a quickening of the blood characteristic of the onset of spring. However, even if you feel perkier on the inside, if you're like most people, winter left you with dry skin and hair along with a yearning for warm temperatures.

Consider treating yourself to any number of spa, salon and massage procedures to help you thaw out and transition into the season of new growth.

Hair Mask
After a long winter of forced indoor heating and cold, dry outdoor conditions, your hair probably looks and looks a little neglected with split ends and an overall limp appearance. Try a hair mask to revitalize your tresses.

Many salons apply masks made of proteins and oils, as well as their own unique blends of special ingredients, to nourish and restore shine to hair as well as to leave it soft and strong. This is particularly helpful if you have curly hair, which tends to dry out more quickly and to a far greater degree than straight hair.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
For a deep internal cleansing, ask your massage therapist about performing this massage. The technique, which is ideal for people susceptible to colds and flu, focuses on your body's lymphatic system, which is crucial in detoxifying your blood, tissues and organs.

To perform this procedure, massage therapists apply light hand strokes to your body to loosen blockages and encourage lymphatic drainage. Others who benefit from this technique include those with diabetes, asthma and thyroid or kidney problems.

Body Wraps
Another wonderful way to cleanse is through the application of body wraps. Various spas specialize in different wraps, but the one thing most have in common is detoxifying ingredients, whether they include seaweed or clay. These wraps draw impurities from the skin.

Many of these treatments include a massage to help exfoliate the skin. Others include being wrapped in a blanket while the concoction absorbs impurities from your skin.

Manicures & Pedicures
Although you can enjoy either of these procedures year-round, you are likely to especially appreciate them as spring begins and you find yourself out and about more often. Choose spring colors when selecting your nail polish following your manicure and pedicure. Ask for the full treatment, including a foot massage, to leave feeling revived and stimulated.

Refresh your skin following the dulling effects of winter with a deep cleansing facial. Exfoliation and soothing hydration only add to the benefits you can expect from a spring facial. If your spa offers it, ask for a facial including omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil to rejuvenate your skin.

Another facial treatments that help set the stage for spring include microcurrent facials, which works through electricity-conducting wands along acupuncture points. The treatment reduces pore size, removes textural blemishes and smooths wrinkles and lines.

After a few trips to the spa or salon, you'll be completely ready for the switch from galoshes and raincoats to sun dresses and sandals.



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