With all of the time moms spend thinking about everyone else appreciation and relaxation are the most common themes that top Mother's Day wish lists.

A large deal site recently released a study on what gifts mom's really want for Mother's Day. While the top answers vary they focus on a couple of main themes. The deal site released the results of a survey sent to thousands of their customers. Most moms prefer something sentimental. While others prefer something that allows them to think about themselves.

The top answers make a lot of sense given the job that moms do. Working moms spend an average of 13 hours a day being busy. Between work, child care, and chores around the house most moms hardly have time to rest let alone think about themselves.

Here are the results:

A Gift Card

Around 1/3 of the mom's want a gift card. Answers on what type of gift card varied. The most popular were gift cards that can be used anywhere or gift cards than can be redeemed for a specific service.

A Spa Day

1/6 of Moms expect to go straight to the spa for Mother's Day. 1/3 feel that Mother's Day is a day to go out and be pampered.

A Day Off

Many moms just want a break. The mothers in the survey who wanted a break indicated that help with the kids, someone else cleaning the house, or having someone else cook for the family on Mother's Day would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you give the gift of a clean house, a gift card, a spa day, or something home-made its best to err on the side of doing something sentimental. Most moms would rather receive something sentimental than expensive if given the choice.

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