Love has the capacity to connect our lives and achieve balance at a primordial level. Capturing the balance created by love requires constant practice, and the ability to trust in something greater than ourselves.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

~ Lao Tzu

The expression of courage, and compassion combined with the feeling of being connected and belonging to a community is encouraged and developed through our ability to love. If we imagine that each individual action is a wave that creates an outcome, reaction or movement in a specific direction, it is easy to see the cause and effect of practicing infinite love.

Consider what your day looks like when you have a pleasant interaction with someone first thing in the morning ie The barista at the coffee shop smiles and compliments you.... Most of the time, that single experience will set the tone for a good portion of your morning if not your entire day. Practicing random acts of infinite love will allow us to create a wave that can shape and transform the balance in our life each and every day.

In our hectic lives, the hardest part of practicing anything is getting started. With that in mind, here are a few random ways to practice infinite love.

Create kindness

Practice kindness towards others and self. Open doors for other people, allow the person with only 1 item to go before you in the grocery line.

Express vulnerability

Be first in an interaction to expose information about yourself. Don't wait for the other person to say or do 'it' first... When we open ourselves up it creates trust and provides a deeper bond and connection for the relationship.

Be authentic

Each encounter or experience that we have allows us the opportunity to represent the life that we live with integrity. Give what is available for you to give, know what is important to you and value your worth.


A single genuine smile has the potential to change the outcome of most situations.


Carve out space and time for people in your life. Be as present in each moment and activity as you can.

The need to be connected is a driving force for love. When we are present for each interaction it reinforces the strength of the relationship and solidifies trust in each other.

There are many expressions of love, and each of them work together to create the foundation of balance in our life. The more we love, the deeper each connection becomes, broadening the capacity to impact the framework of our lives. Engaging the mind, body, and spirit by practicing infinite love gives us each the privilege of creating a balanced world to share.

I love the idea that each day is an opportunity to be part of a giant wave of infinite love creating change.

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Anonymous says:
February 3, 2011 at 5:02 AM
I "LOVE" this idea as well. Let's make it a reality in the lives of everyone we know and meet. Why NOT! LOVE is the thing you know....
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