Are you living the life youíve dreamed of? Do you listen to your intuition and act on your heartís desires? Have you given yourself the chance to live your very best life?

The delicate dance of balance and motherhood often feels so elusive and out of reach because it requires the strength to say no to external noises dragging us down and the ability to listen to your internal voice, or intuition, and act on it. But tuning in just might be the thing to shake you alive.

It is very common to seek balance by looking for external solutions to deal with the extremes in life. In reality, everything you need to live and thrive in balance exists within your being. It requires a shift in thinking, a willingness to push your limits and take a stand so you can see and acknowledge your limitless power inside.

Donít put your life on hold.

And in the end, itís not the years in your life that count. Itís the life in your years. Ė Abraham Lincoln

Being a mother doesnít mean you should stop pursuing your own life passions. Every day you teach your children by example, showing them the critical element that dreams play in happiness and how to pursue them with passion and excitement.

Acknowledge that you are their greatest teacher in life and be that fantastic example of putting joy into learning and show them the importance of consistent personal growth.

Strive to be the best you every day.

That means believing in yourself, letting it shine out to the world. There will always be external forces ready to set the bar for your life and then delight in your attempts to surpass them. Instead, challenge yourself, set your own bar in life and just revel in being yourself. You are original, unique and have the capacity to make your life your own.

Shift to the present moment.

The most profound shift you can make is to orient life to the present. Itís where all the riches you seek in life can be found. Consciously putting mindfulness into action requires hard work but the results are powerful.

Deadlines will continue to loom, situations will not always go as planned but experiencing them fully allows you to understand that life moves on and the excitement lies in being present for all of it. Old habits, like focusing on what might happen or worrying and ruminating about the past will diminish happiness and attract the negative results you expect.


The greatest gift you give yourself is to let go and just be. A great way to start is through daily meditation. It puts the mind in the present and allows you to ease into mindfulness. It is a release from the pressures of the day, a way to recharge and alter lifeís course toward something extraordinary and more meaningful.

Allow yourself to fail.


A hard fall means a high bounce...if you're made of the right material. ~Unknown

Learning to fail in life without seeing yourself as a failure is a key component to happiness. The truth is that you will fail, it will happen, and that failure is a critical ingredient to personal growth. Perfection is overrated, stifling, a false G-d that keeps demanding more of what you donít need. Often, the drive toward perfection is your attempt to reach a bar someone else has set and will never lead to personal joy or happiness.

The experience of failure often leads to a heightened level of creativity, an opportunity to see things in a new way or an alternative path to pursue. The unintended consequences of failure can bring amazing and life-changing success. So donít be afraid to dive in and see what happens.

Stretch Yourself.

Think of the pieces of your life as the spokes of a wheel. Each spoke, health, love, family, career, spiritual, friends/community, financial, adventure, all need to be in balance and on track. Goals are critical because they identify where you are and where you need to go. It is ok to push yourself toward a specific goal and see your power in action. Challenges are good for you because they take you out of your comfort zone and lead to new, enriching life experiences.

This is your one life and it is all you will every have so give it your full effort and attention. Every moment becomes precious when you acknowledge its limits and decide that itís up to you to make it an amazing journey.

Every day you do the impossible by tackling obstacles and overcoming adversity all while experiencing the intense joy of being a mother. No one knows better that life requires hard work and constant action but ultimately it seeks out balance. Give love freely, to yourself and others, show appreciation and be grateful that you can do your part every day to make this planet better just by being part of it. Happy Motherís Day!

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