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Spa Showers - For the Bridal Party and Groom's Party Too!

If you've been tasked with hosting a bridal shower, why not think outside the box and host a get together for the bridal party at a spa or salon? An afternoon at a day spa is an ideal way to allow the bridal party to enjoy some much needed downtime together before the big day More...

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Chase Away Winter Blues at the Spa

Keep the Winter Blues at bay with transforming spa treatments designed to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. No matter what time of year, when you enter a spa, your mood can transition from bummed out to absolutely optimistic. So if winter blues have you down, visit a spa to pick yourself up More...

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The Season for Cocooning

Letís face it, winter weather can be tough on us. The moment we switch on the heat in our homes everything begins to dry out, like fruit in one of those dehydrating contraptions we see on late night television.

You can head off the winter skin woes by changing your routine up just a tad More...

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Creating the Holiday That's Right for You

Tangled traditions, plus helter-skelter consumerism, create a holiday season heavy with expectation.

But you can extract the qualities you treasure, and the experiences you want, and walk away from the rest Ė guilt free.

How Did It Get This Way?

We think a consumerist holiday is a modern invention. But thatís wrong More...

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Mission: Gifts of Relaxation and Beauty

There are numerous benefits to giving beauty, massage and spa gifts for people living full and hectic lives. With the busy lives of everyone today that means balancing work, caring for children and managing household duties, it is more important to alleviate the daily tensions as much as possible More...

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