There is a strong link between how we feel and our body’s ability to maintain health. Building and strengthening the immune system is critical to wellness. It is not just something to think about during the cold and flu season, a long-term approach to strengthen the immune system can help fend off cancer and heart disease. The bottom line, poor lifestyle habits dramatically reduce the body’s ability to fight off disease. It is critical that we find and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit.

 “The strength of our immune system is what makes the difference between who gets sick and who doesn't. The one with the immune system functioning below base-line normal has an increased risk of getting sick," says Woodson Merrell, MD, director of integrative medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.


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A body that is out of balance is more susceptible to sickness and long-term health problems. Appreciating and valuing the direct correlation between the immune system and mind, body and spirit is the first step in achieving long-term health.

The New Year brings an opportunity to shed old habits and integrate new and immune boosting behaviors into your lifestyle. It will make you stronger today and build the foundation for a long-term healthy lifestyle moving forward.



Eat Yourself Well.

There is something intrinsically right and good about putting healthy food in our bodies. A healthy diet naturally boosts the immune system to help fight off infection and viral pathogens. elaborates.


Bottom line put good things in your body every day. Take time to cook for yourself and avoid eating fast food. It will really benefit your life and give you extra time with your family. By choosing food wisely, you will strengthen your immune system and establish a healthy foundation for your life.

  • Start eating well by simply being mindful of the food you eat each day. Tracking the food you eat and being aware of each bite will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the food you consume. It is very important to sit down, to have 3 meals a day, and minimize snacking between meals.

  • Looking to rich, natural colors to determine the best foods for your body. The more intense the natural color of the fruit or vegetable the better it is for you. Try to eat a rainbow of food for your health.

  • There are specific foods that can boost your immune system if they are eaten regularly.

    • Protein, make sure you get an adequate amount in your diet each day. It builds your white blood cells to protection you from illness. Approximately 15% of your diet should come from lean protein.

    • Try to cut down on the amount of red meat consumed and replace it with omega 3 fatty acid rich foods like salmon.

    • Water is critical to the body’s immune system and it affects every part of your body. It can be a challenge to know how much water to drink so listen to your body throughout the day for signals of thirst.

Exercise every day.

Regular moderate exercise improves the body’s circulation, reduces stress and advances your overall health. A moderate amount of exercise each day will also help you sleep better and provide more balance in your life. Exercising is a gift you give to yourself every day to enhance health and wellness.


Even more so than nutrition, exercise has the capacity to protect and even enhance the immune response. Experimental studies have shown that a regular exercise program of brisk walking can bolster many defenses of the immune system, including the antibody response and the natural killer (T cell) response.” The Cleveland Clinic


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Regular exercise is a gift you give to yourself so get moving! Take a walk, join a gym or start practicing yoga and give your body the movement it needs and deserves every day.

Sleep is critical to health.

While we sleep the body is healing and rejuvenating on a deep cellular level and our regulating hormones are affecting our memory and concentration. The restorative benefits of sleep are critical for us to be at our most creative and productive best.


Unfortunately, most Americans get less than 8 hours of sleep each night and it can seriously compromise our immune system and health. Too little sleep is a risk factor for weight gain, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.


We live in a 'sleep sick nation,' according to Dr. William C. Dement, MD. Dr. Dement is a sleep researcher who also calls this phenomenon a 'hidden epidemic.' This hidden epidemic is a contributing factor to the rise in chronic disease and general bad health in the west, especially America.”


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Practice preventive health by sleeping 8 hours each night.

  • Create a nighttime ritual and stick to it each night. Take time to unwind, prepare for bed and relax before you turn the light out.

  • Make sure your mattress is not affecting your sleep. Use cotton sheets on your bed and create a serene environment in your bedroom.

  • Keep your room cool, between 57-72 degrees. Your core body temperature needs to drop to fall asleep.

  • Avoid alcohol and food right before bed. Alcohol disrupts sleep cycles and food digestion will distract the body away from healing.

  • Use meditation and deep breathing exercises to prepare your body to sleep.

  • Try to resolve any day-to-day tasks that might stay in your mind and keep you from falling asleep quickly.


Chronic stress can literally make you sick. The constant ruminating and concentration on things that can’t be controlled will take a toll on your health and wel lbeing. It is critical that you incorporate stress busters into your life that can help relive the stress. It will make you happier and healthier.

Developing tools to calm the body and to let go of worry and anger will increase your overall well being.

  • Meditation relaxes the body, lowers blood pressure and moves the mind away from stressful thoughts.

  • Massage therapy reduces stress and relaxes the body. It has the power to calm, heal and improve self-esteem because it conveys caring through touch.

  • Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment and more aware of how your body feels when feeling stress, pain or overwhelmed. It allows us to concentrate and live more creatively by building our gratitude and appreciation for the things that do go right in our lives.

  • Yoga strengthens the immune system by relaxing the body. Through concentrated guided yoga movements the body is able to improve circulation and oxygen flow even after the exercise is complete.


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” Denis Waitley


In a given day there is so much to appreciate and it is so easy to be too busy, stressed and sick to appreciate it. It is so important to take time in a state of gratitude and thankfulness as it reminds us of all the wonder in our world.


When we live more fully in a state of gratitude it renews our spirit. It means slowing down, giving ourselves time to relax and enjoy all that we have in life. When we see, feel and become more aware we value ourselves and others more fully each day.

Take this opportunity to be bold, to put yourself first by building the foundation of good health and a strong immune defense. It is not necessary to put it all into place at once, give yourself time to integrate one good habit at a time. It will pay off and give you what you need to accomplish anything you want in life.

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