How many times a day do you check your text or voice messages, email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts? It’s no secret that we are more plugged in as a society than ever before; Rochester Institute of Technology School of Media Sciences provided research in March 2012 that showed Americans spend on average about 11 hours per day interacting with major media, defined as television, computer, radio, magazines and newspapers.

This study and countless others show that giving the gift of disconnecting is arguably one of the best presents we can give a loved one. What better way to escape the onslaught of stimuli and unplug than with a spa treatment gift? Massages, mud wraps, facials, pedicures—it’s nearly impossible to be on your phone, laptop (often prohibited altogether), or stressed during these procedures. The frantic pace of our daily lives, combined with the demand for around-the-clock availability and a constant overload from information, creates a recipe for mental exhaustion. Time at the spa can be the perfect way to hit the reset button on our overactive minds.

One frequent spa goer, Sherry Thompson of Ohio, described her preference for spa gifts because “As Kenny Chesney says, ‘We all need to find a place where we find peace.’ When I go to a spa, I find an hour or so of peace and relaxation.” And the gift of a couples’ massage can be twice as nice for busy couples that would love the chance to wind down and reconnect, setting the mood for romance. “My husband got us a couple's massage, facial and pedicure in Costa Rica for my birthday. We had our own private soaking tub in the middle of the jungle! It was an amazing experience that we'll remember far longer than a nice dinner,” gushed Katie Newland of Savannah, Georgia.

With the fast pace of our society today, finding time for peace and relaxation can be more challenging than ever. A gift to the spa gives your loved one an escape from the daily grind and can say Congratulations, I Love you, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or just simply, You’re Special. And with the variety of choices of treatments, everyone can find something they enjoy.

Moms especially are busier than ever according to a report by which shows that stay-at-home moms average 95 hours of work per week, while working moms average 40 hours or more at work plus an additional 58 hours of household duties. New mom Jessica Brankamp of Kentucky says, “I love getting a spa gift certificate because I know that I will have a relaxing time to look forward to! There is no better way to unwind than a professional massage.”

Giving the gift of a spa provides the receiver with a guilt-free outlet to relax and unwind—not the easiest task at home when chores need finishing, work emails need answering, and people reach out and expect an answer quickly, be it for personal or professional reasons.

What’s the best spa gift you’ve ever received?

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Anonymous says:
October 23, 2012 at 6:04 AM
A wonderful half-day gift certificate to The Carriage House in Yardley from my fiance (then) and son "Go, relax, and treat yourself for the day, indulge in what feels good for you!"
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