Where there is great love, there are always miracles ~ Willa Cather

Love transforms in ways that we cannot begin to imagine – it is the spark inside each of us that allows us to be vulnerable beyond our comfort level, that lets us perform unfathomable feats, and allows us to gently wipe away the tears of another’s pain or sorrow.

We are the embodiment of love. Each of us has a unique understanding of love – the way it makes us feel, the way we give it to one another, and even the types of love we experience. Love is inherent within our being, a direct piece of our essence. It is a treasure we each hold deep in our soul. As the keepers of such a precious gift, we are responsible for nurturing and creating the opportunity for love to grow. The authentic expression of love exchanged creates experiences for the extraordinary threads that define our lives. 

What is an experience full of love for you?

Take a moment, and think of 3 things that you identify as full of love. Think about how they relate exclusively to you.

That feeling that starts as a single thought; materializing in your mind; traveling across your face; forming a smile; radiating out across you body in a warm embrace…   THAT is the fullness of love. 

The feeling of ohm or ah-ha that you get for any number of reasons; the vibration that resonates within your body and you recognize as embracing and expanding all at once. The expression that allows you to release the deepest breath of anxiety and feel a lighter awareness – that is a unique experience in the fullness of love. 

For me there are many ohm/ah-ha moments that embody the fullness of love.

~  a smile that spreads ear to ear on a stranger’s face
~  the warmth and comfort in a deep hug given to a friend
~  following a wagging beagle tail down the trail

Most of them are followed by the realization that we are here to live each moment, to give our best self to the world, and to accept the great love that we are surrounded with daily.  It is the intention, the follow through and the receipt of love that creates the delicate ecosystem in our lives.

 Experiencing the fullness of love requires active participation, and continued development in our interactions. It is the expansive and unbridled expression of our passion for life. It is the energy that we exude and share freely with those around us. This type of active participation requires confidence and trust in ourselves and in others to offer the very best in each moment.

My hope for this year is that we will all have that light-bulb moment where we live from the heart – accept what is given, give without expectation and love with every ounce of our being as though the whole world was dependent upon this one single action.



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