Few things in the world offer more fulfillment than being a mom, but you’d also be hard pressed to find a job more demanding of your time. So if you lay your head down at night wishing there were more hours in the day, fear not, many moms share your thoughts. To help you get more done, try some of the simple time management and multi-tasking techniques outlined below.


An organized mom is a happy mom. While it may seem like an unnecessary chore in your already “filled to capacity” day, taking a few moments to organize all of your children’s records now can save you lots of time and energy in the future. On your computer, prepare a folder for each child where you can electronically store all of their medical and school records. Include things like birth certificates, contact information for teachers and vaccination lists. Documents that are not already electronically available can be scanned, and the folders can be easily accessed from your computer, tablet or smart phone as needed. Files can also be printed if so desired. New technology like Google Drive and iCloud make electronic file storage even more convenient, since it allows for the documents to be accessed from any computer with your user name and password.

Alternatively, you can invest in a filing cabinet, and keep a folder for each of your precious little ones there.


Organizing helps with prioritizing. If you take a moment each night to organize “to do” lists for the following day, you can then prioritize what can wait and what can’t. Apps make this an easy task if done electronically as well, since they allow you to move tasks up and down the list and even color code them in order of importance. As you accomplish each task, you can also cross or check it off the list, giving yourself a sense of accomplishment as you’re able to see the things you’ve managed to get done.

Work Close to Home

If you’re a working mom and you have the option, try working closer to home to cut down on your commuting time. Once again, technology is your friend, since advances have led to bosses being more open to flexible schedules and days spent working from home. If you think your boss would be amenable to the suggestion, inquire about working from home one or two days a week, and be prepared to demonstrate how you’ll get the work done and possibly even save the company some money. Shorter work commutes and work from home days will free up a few hours in the day to get things like laundry done, dinner prepared and healthy school lunches packed. You may even find some “me time” in your 24-hour day that allows you to brush on a facemask or give yourself a quick mani/pedi.


While the Internet can be a busy mom’s worst enemy, it can also be her best friend. Social media, with its photos, status messages and the plethora of game invitations available, can be a huge time stealer. So be sure to limit your social media time to 10 or 15 minutes each day and instead utilize the Internet to pay bills, order items for your home and children and to do research and catch up on reviews before making trips to stores. Shopping online can also save you money since some online stores are able to offer better prices because they do not have the overhead costs of traditional brick and mortars, many of them also offer free shipping with a minimum purchase.

Let Family Time Be Workout Time 

One of the biggest obstacles moms face is finding time for themselves, especially workout time. If you can’t get to the gym, fear not. There are other ways for you to burn those calories. If your pride and joy is a baby, a walk, or even a run while pushing the stroller will get your heart rate up and may even put your little one to sleep. If your kids are older, then ditch movie nights for family time spent outdoors. Simply set up a badminton set in your backyard, enjoy Wii Fit together or head out to the trails and enjoy time hiking as a family. It’s a win-win (win) situation. You and your kids get fit, you have fun doing it and you’ll probably create some unforgettable memories in the process. So, don’t forget to keep a well-charged camera or phone handy for photos and videos.

Ask For Help 

Finally moms, do not be afraid to ask for help. It does not in any way mean you’re not good at your job. In fact accepting that you’re not a super hero, and managing your family’s expectations so that they don’t expect you to be one, will take a load off your shoulders, and without the added stress, you may even find yourself smiling regularly when you hear your kids chatting among themselves and saying “Wow, Mom is SO much fun.” Recruit your kids to help out with age appropriate tasks like setting the table for dinner or washing the dishes. Chores done together as a family, and perhaps even with some music, can be loads of fun, rather than laborious. Also, don’t be afraid to call on other moms for help. Calling on and sharing with someone who has walked a mile in your shoes, may be just what you need to feel like a “normal” person again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

So, since none of us is in possession of a magic genie that can grant us the wish of more hours in the day, try incorporating some of these time savers into your routine. You may just find that you’re able to get more done, and feel less stressed as you do it all. And if you’re reading this, perhaps you have five minutes to yourself. So, put your feet up and raise a glass to you, because, being a mom is definitely something worth celebrating.

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