Big events have a way of sneaking up on us especially when life gets busy. Thankfully there are a range of thoughtful options available that make for great gifts on the fly.

This is a list of some of my favorite last minute gift options.

Charity gifts

For the social minded person in your life who prefers giving to receiving a charity gift in their name can be the perfect gift. Charity gifts allow you to give the gift of giving. You can give to a cause that you know is close to their heart. What's great about charity gifts is that there is no such thing as choosing the perfect charity. The act of giving is what makes a gift of charity so meaningful.

Subscription boxes

What's great about subscription boxes is that they can deliver big and all you have to do is know what the gift recipient is generally interested in. Subscription boxes deliver on a variety of things the gift recipient wouldn't normally buy for themselves but probably want. There are subscription boxes for just about every category of interest from geek subscriptions, to clothing, to wine the possibilities are endless.


Everyone can use a good massage. Buying a massage gift certificate for someone allows them to choose their favorite location or try something entirely new. Services like Joy of Spa have thousands of locations in their network. Who doesn't love a little time for themselves? Spa and massage gift certificates can be purchased and given quickly and are good whenever the recipient decides to use them.

Of course, your best bet is to always plan ahead but when planning ahead isn't an option making sure your last minute gift is thoughtful is a good bet.

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