Every woman needs to nourish herself. But it can be tough for mothers to find the time – and the money – to spend on themselves when they’re focused on family. That makes Mother’s Day the perfect time to help Mom take the relaxing break she needs, and escape from family chores to the serenity of the salon and day spa.

Relaxation brings inspiration to all creative activities. With salon gift certificates, or pre-booked appointments with a credit card, it’s easy to get creative with the treatment that Mom loves. Whether that’s a facial, mani-pedi, eyebrow tinting, or scalp massage, these services provide the precious minutes moms need to rest and restore.

Spa services such as hot stone massage, aromatherapy, and body wraps can bring a profound sense of serenity and replenishment.

During a hot stone massage, the therapist will heat marble or lava stones to an agreeable temperature, and place them on top of a sheet over your skin at specific points along the spine. The placement of the stones, and the heat from them, are designed to help relax core muscle groups and access a deeper level in the massage that follows.

The longer treatment time – usually 90 minutes – ensures complete rest and relaxation during the session. Always let the therapist know if the heat becomes too much, and whether the amount of pressure is pleasant.

A therapist who uses aromatherapy in combination with massage, will choose oils to help enhance a state of mind. Some oils, such as lavender, have a sedative effect, while oils such as sage and basil would be employed to uplift the mind.

Consider including in the price of Mom’s massage, a bottle of specially-blended oil to take home as a reminder of her time at the spa.

Body wraps provide stillness to busy moms who crave a deep rest and want to shed a few inches – but they’re not for the claustrophobic. During the wrap, the therapist rubs a detoxifying or moisturizing solution on the body, and then wraps it in hot towels and other materials until the client is cocooned.

They’re left for twenty minutes or so, before being unwrapped and rinsed off. The heat from the wrap promotes the body to sweat and detoxify, which means a temporary loss of inches from water weight. Moisturizing wraps leave the skin baby soft, but don’t give as much of an inch-loss effect.

Body wraps are often sold in packages of several sessions, which means that Mom gets more down-time as part of her gift.

Every family knows the most important mood in the house is Mom’s mood! Help her to rest, restore, and nourish herself to create serenity and a renewal for the whole family.

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