Wedding vows are truly the only public declaration that we make on behalf of our most intimate relationship. These words represent our hopes for the relationship and allow us to make ourselves accountable for the way in which we have decided to share our love with another heart.

Conveying this love and devotion via words can be a daunting task. The idea that we are going to put down on paper and then utter out-loud our heart's most treasured ideas of love and partnership brings up a lot of fear for many planning the big day.

I believe there are two key things to consider when creating vows with loving and lasting intention

Anything that comes from your heart can be a vow & There is no wrong way to say I love you

If this is a task you and your significant other are trying to iron out, or if you are thinking of renewing your vows sometime in the coming months here are a few things to help ease the weightiness and profess feelings deep from your heart.

Think of 5 words that describe your partner. This is a free form exercise, so it should be done with some spontaneity. Don't think too hard, too long, or even about what the words mean. Just write down the first 5 words that come to mind when you think of your significant other. The chances are very good that those 5 words will give you the foundation of what you want to share with the world about the love and passion you have for the person you are marrying.

I love this exercise. The simplicity of free form expression enables us to unleash and share the essential things that make us love the person we do, while creating the intention we want to maintain for a lasting relationship.

If you and your significant other prefer the tradition of ancestral or classic vows, you can still personalize them, by adding a single line or sentence that signifies the individuality of your unique relationship . Choose something that expresses who you are individually within your couple.

I recently attended a wedding where the vows were traditional, with one exception they each added an 'everyday I promise to ' sentence. They each gifted a promise to the other, that they felt would contribute to the success of their union. The bride and groom did not share their individual promises until the actual ceremony, which made the promise more poignant for the couple and also for those of us witnessing the expression of their devotion and joy for one another. That single sentence seemed to exemplify the solidity of the bond and their intentions in a shared life.

Vows with lasting and loving intention are those that are delivered from the heart with authenticity and passion for the one that you love. Declare your love, express the treasured gift that you have found through commitment to another person with the world. Most of all, let your partner know that they are giving life to the ideas of a shared dream.

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